Thursday, March 17, 2011

needle felted magical house plus a new project

Today has been a fun day of bargain hunting, I love op shopping, you guys may call them thrift shops but here in Australia we call them op-shops so its op-shopping! or as I love to call it treasure hunting as you never know what you might find. First off is this great little embroidery kit someone put together, its such a bargain, comes with quilting material, cotten, different thread, ric rack, sewing needles, the bigger piece of pink felt, embroidery motifs, plastic pearl beads and buttons and charms and all or $2! so of course I had to have it

Bargain two was a cute little dresser type ring holder

I really loved it because I thought it'd be a cute way of photographing my felties with a unique setting. I paid a whopping $4 for this. Am rather pleased with myself.

I also bought a large cardboard hat box with a nice floral design that I forgot to take a photo of but its now storing what I cool my pried wool roving, the wool roving that I think is better than the rest. I'm going to look out for more of these hat boxes that's for sure! I padi $2 for it brand new they can be upwards of $15

Now what's a post without one of my felties I've been playing around with more whimsy ideas and came across doing a shoe house!

This is the new project I'm hoping to get started on when this wool has dried I used Jenny Romano's guide on dying wool for a flesh tone as I haven't got enough for said project I think its turned out ok, a tad darker than what I wanted but not bad.

is what I started out with I took 100grams of it and simmered 4 black tea bags, added a pinch of red jelly crystal powder as I didn't have red cordial powder and figured it'd add the same hue needed.

20 minutes later a well drain on the draining board and hey presto

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