Friday, March 4, 2011

Two new crafts

well folks tomorrow I have the last day of my crochet lessons and this is what I've gor to show for myself as I haven't been a very good student with sitting down and actually doing what I've learned the last three weeks! lol but something is better than nothing. So this is the sampler I've done of the stitches we've learned. It's a bit rough but eh lol I'm a newbie at crochet.

This is another new craft I'm learning how to draw with water color pencils, its such a fun technique I'm going to be trying heaps new things with it. This is a little fox cub drawing I created tonight.

Tomorrow is the big day where I find out how my needle felted entries have gone in the show. I'll be taking lots of piccies of the festival as well, I'm attending with my fiancee's mother so it should be a lot of fun as long as the weather holds out.

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