Thursday, June 23, 2011

latest needle felted critters!

This week has been funny with weather but we are in winter. Today had sunshine in the morning and then cold blustery rain all afternoon. I took off with the camera and had to take these photos in the sun that I had. I quite like how these turn out as photography isn't my strong point especially with needle felted critters. However this first one is a sneak peak to the surprise felted swap I'm in. I wont show the finished project however I think you'll agree he's turning out very cute!

This next needle felted critter is a dragon, I've used some of Kellys wool this time the orange mini fibre batt that I won in her give away. I love the angelina fibre and have never used it before. I think it adds a great touch to the dragon. I've called him sunshine.

They are both listed in my etsy shop but of course the tiny mini bear is a custom listing.
other than that been keeping on with some of the aviary building that does seem somewhat never ending. Looking after the birds of course, rabbits and guinea pigs too. I spent the afternoon at my other halfs mothers place having cups of tea, chatting and doing some random needle felting which is heaps of fun as it puts no pressure on an outcome. Hopefully this weekend will be able to finish an aviary or make a start on enclosing our front porch. Hope you have a lovely Friday tomorrow!

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