Thursday, June 23, 2011

natural body scrub home made and air freshener tips, beauty is frugal living

wow two posts in one night that hasn't happened for awhile! but this is why. I'm having an evening of not needle felting and just doing things to relax and de stress and love myself I guess lol. I'm not a hippie love myself freely type but its been getting easier too accept myself as I am, its a learning curve for sure but I'm digressing.

I've got two tips to share tonight. The first is great as I'm living on a tight budget and I read somewhere orange peel is great for a natural air freshener and it also helps to deter mossies and flies. I have parrots inside so this is a must have being a natural based thing.

As you can see I'm drying orange peel, I'll wrap it up in some cloth and will leave it on the window ledge when ready or put it in the pantry to leave a nice sceneted air freshener.

I've been re using yoghurt tubs lately, not only those but butter containers as well and whatever other dishes you can re use. I use them for storing food in the fridge, putting the seed in and veggies for the birds as I take out their daily meal. So I find that re using things rather than just throwing something out is great. We're also re using the salsa jars as they are glass as water bowls for the parrots. They are sturdy enough and save us $4 a bowl.

So onto the next tip
I read making homemade scrubs are good for your skin especially if you are like me and have sensitive skin. I at the moment have dry patches on my elbows and dry feet due to being winter. So this is what I made up tonight to use after my facial mask and English breakfast tea break.

I used a small yoghurt tub, three tablespoons of sugar, a slurp of applecider, a slurp of your body wash. A squeeze of one lemon juice, I probably should have taken out the pips but they should help with the rough skin! lol I also emptied out the contents of the lemongrass and ginger teabag into it to make it more scenty and scrummy. Mix it all together and there you have my robust scrummy scrub. To use stand in the shower starkers, rub it liberally over your body, and face and wash off with luke warm water. I find hot water too drying.

And to end this post here is a pic of me with my facial mask on, I'm writing this now having my English Breakfast tea with the mask still on, the scrub awaiting me in the bathroom. It was funny I walked past the purple crown lorikeets cage and "Dadda" was interested in me, I'm thinking he was half scared half interested in the new look lol.

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