Sunday, June 5, 2011

needle felted old fashioned figure doll

I was watching Downton Abbey last night as I created Mrs Pertis, I rather like how she has transpired lol. I sewed her skirt in cotton material. She actually doesn't have any legs but sits quite well on her own. She is about 8 inches high and wears a matching plum colored hat to match her skirt and outfit. Her arms can move. This is why I dyed the beige wool the other day. I hope you like my Mrs Pertis.

Right now I'm full of a viral infection >> feels like the flue but my doctor assures me it isn't. I hate it! I'm whinging that much to my other half he is getting sick of me I think haha. But I got some medication today and some throat lollies and hopefully after some rest I can throw it off. I've been drinking honey and lemon drinks and keeping warm, or trying to with this cold snap we're having of a night.

Hope everyone else feeling better.

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