Monday, June 13, 2011

needle felted tiger kitty

This cute comical tiger kitty I created last night, I like his expression so much!
its either sad or quizzical I can't work it out lol. But his stripes I think came out
well and he loves to lay on his belly. We have had a busy weekend, we picked up a new aviary yesterday. It isn't new as such but it is to us but will need a bit of work done on it before birds can reside in it. It's large though which I'm happy about.

Other than that things are happening with looking after the mitchels hopping mice, our second female gave birth recently to a large litter of 8 though sadly none servived. We only have one baby thriving from the original litter of two so we worked out we can only have one dominant pair at once.

The rabbits and parrots are happy in our home... so it makes me smile seeing the birds do their silly things, like bath on really cold days! but that's what parrots do.

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