Wednesday, June 8, 2011

little meerkat needle felted

Just wanted to put this little guy in lol I'm still feeling unwell I thought I was starting to get better but have the aches and just feel so tired. When I wake up is the worst. But evening is better so at least I can still try and needle felt a little. Also some news that cheered me up this week I won a give away that Kelly hosted and won some wool roving she creates. I'll post pics of that tomorrow however. This is a little meerkat I finished last night. He's about two inches long and his head can be gently posed. He is available in my Etsy store. Needle felting is so good to do especially when your unwell. It's an escapism for me. I feel that the stress and whatever else may be going on just disappears. Only times this doesn't help is if I have what I call the "block" going on when I just can't get into anything.

I hope to feel better soon... the weather has been horrid these past few days but it is winter in Melbourne, Australia. I've been drinking lots of honey and lemon drinks and resting a fair bit, well as much as the birds and animals will let me as I still have to feed and care for them every day!


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  2. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I wish you a quick recovery! I love your little Meerkat.