Friday, July 29, 2011

Husky puppy needle felted

Hello all this is my latest a needle felted Siberian Husky puppy, he's five way jointed. I love thread joining my felties now that I know how to do it. It's really not at all hard. He is so cute and bouncy looking.

Today has been a busy day, first off doctors appointment, then laundry, then I had to catch up 11 zebra finches, two Karaki parrots, four Turq parrots, one Burk parrot all because we're adding more to our family tomorrow lol now I'm going to be cooking dinner thankfully its Friday so I can do an easy one of pizza.


  1. I love him! Husky pups are so cute.

  2. How cute - I tried felting but never got the hang of it! Thanks for linking into artsee bloggers