Monday, July 18, 2011

special gifts

How cute are these? I found a lovely gal on Etsy who does these cute little round birds. I ordered a custom order because it was my five year anniversary with my other half and I couldn't decide what to choose for myself but when I found her and her birds I knew it was what I wanted. I ordered one Blue Quaker parrot, one Green Quaker parrot, one Rose breasted cockatoo (galah) and a Lutino love bird. The first three are my own pet birds. Nessie is the blue Quaker parrot, Jimmy is the green one and Bert is the galah. The lutino lovebird is my other halfs passion as he breeds lovebirds. I am so excited and cannot wait for this little ol' package to arrive. peachesproducts is the gal from Etsy who makes these brilliant birds. peachesproductstook this picture of them at her end I'll take mine when I get them. I can't wait!

also for your chance to be in the draw look back a couple of posts and you could win a great prize from me that is needle felted and made with love.

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  1. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. :) Those birds are adorable, I bet you're excited to get them!