Monday, July 18, 2011

Soldier Peep the quail

we have had some excitement this morning! we've had in the incubator king quail eggs, six of them in total however only one has developed. He's a pied King quail. I've dubbed him Soldier Peep, he is very brave. My other half had to get him out of the egg as it had been too long and for some reason he hadn't turned himself properly in the egg to be able to eat the membraine and get himself out. We wouldn't normally intervene however we had felt the need to this time as it had just been too long. We could hear him peep in the egg.

Here he is in the egg getting a hand out from my other half

Here he is dried with a hair dryer gently

he's looking quite well, he's in the incubator keeping warm. We cross our fingers for you little Soldier Peep!


  1. Sweet! You raise quail? We just got gerbils and we love the guys (girls)...not quite the same but...

  2. Awww, so tiny. I will cross my fingers for him too, I hope everything goes well!