Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wool painting

This is a felt painting I created last night... I've always struggled with wool painings but am happy with this one as it has nice texture and a certain style to it I think. I've used a variety of wools. I like the wave crashing, the boat sailing away from it. The woman is waving away to her betrothed Captain, I've dubbed this picture High seas goodbyes.

Today is a lovely sunny winters day, I'm making the most of it by visiting a new craft and patcwork shop in my area and am finding out if their interested in hosting a craft group. Wish me luck.


  1. I really like it. :) It reminds me a wee bit of the one I'm working on but you are a much much faster felter than I am, takes me about 5 times as long to get things finished! LOL :) It's really hard to get details into the paintings isn't it? I've really struggled with mine.

  2. I love the textures in felted pictures. Daughter M has been making little dumflings - ie tiny little felted scraps with wool/silk and then beads/buttons etc.