Monday, July 4, 2011

wedding bear family

Hi everyone, gosh what a horrid day we're having, this bad weather is continuing all week, and to make myself sound old and grumpy we're getting cold wind with chills that seems and feels like ice is in the air even though we don't get snow where we are.

But this is my latest project, a gift I've made for a girlfriend of mine, she is getting married in 22 days actually eloping as she and her fiancee can't stand the family drama lol. They are running away for a romantic wedding of their own. She is actually 6 months pregnant so I joked that its a shotgun wedding.

But here is a little bear wedding family. I needle felted over the weekend. The little pink bear is the baby of this family as my friend knows the sex of the baby which is obviously a girl to be. I'm so excited for my friend ^^ we're actually catching up tomorrow afternoon for a girlie catch up of our own and I'll present her with this gift then.Don't forget about my give away which is running for the month of July. Just search back a post from this one.


  1. These are so cute. I'm sure they will love them.
    A x

  2. What a lovely gift for your friend, I am sure they'll love them!