Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sleepless nights

Hi all tragic news when I went to feed the birds and give extra food to the parent Conures I found that the tiny baby had been eaten. We think it could either have been by her or rodents. Now she's rejected the two healthy babies. They are far too young to self feed so we're hand rearing. This is a pic of the big baby on their first feed by us. My other half is showing me how its done.

Hand rearing was the last thing we wanted to do, it was their first clutch and generally it'll teach them bad habits. The parents I mean. I now believe we'll have some interupted sleep for the next while. The babies are in an incubator in the bathroom.

I really hope these two pull through. One has opened its eyes the smaller one is yet to do so and we think it'll think we're its mummy.
The imprint thing.

Anyways I'm off to make some coffee wish us luck

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