Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sheepa the lambbear crocheted doll

Meet SheepaSheeap my first amigurumi styled teddy bear, my other half reckons she looks like a lamb so she's a teddylamb named SheepaSheepa. I made her last night and crocheted the dress for her today. I think she's turned out really sweet for my first ever crocheted doll.

I stuffed her with wool roving so she's lovely and soft and her eyes, nose and ears are needlefelted. My other half has requested I do a fox in this style lol I'm gonna start him tonight!

SheepaSheepa is available in my etsy store

1 comment:

  1. She's very cute!

    I think you may just have answered a question that's been bugging me for years - I've been collecting these cute little crocheted people & creatures never knowing what they were called.

    I'll do a post on them soon and you can confirm my suspicions - or not!