Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snowman needlefelted and needfelted bear

Meet Snowy the snow man and Peaches the bear! my two latest critters that I've needlefelted. Peaches is five way thread jointed so can gently pose. Snowy is wrapped up in a hat an scarf.

Today I'm seeing my gynocologist six weeks after the procedure I had, he better not say everything is normal!!! if I'm not happy with what he wants to do today I'm getting a referral to a new one. I've been seeing him for two years and my "monthly friend" has just gotten worse and worse. I get two really heavy monthlies a month and can last up to 15 days heavy throughout no light days.

I also get extreme pain, fever and mood swings so you can guess why I want it to be fixed lol

anyways hope you are all doing well
Happy Wednesday

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