Monday, November 28, 2011

needle felted fox doll

Here is my latest doll! I'm rather excited about her, I've named her Vixen Vicky and she's a gypsy. I needle felted her, she's five way thread jointed so she can pose gently. She's about seven inches tall which is big for me. I know I've been quiet all week unusual for me but my camera batteries are still wonky I'm stealing my other halfs camera for now I begged him to use it.

in other exciting news on Sunday I had my fourth etsy sale! a custom order to make a little doggie. This is one of the preview shots I sent to the customer tonight

He's going to be a hanging ornament as requested.
We're still looking after our little baby bird he's thriving I must be getting used to the interupted sleep. Hopefully will be taking more pics soon of things I've been up to. Happy Monday


  1. Vixen Vicky is very well done and the dog is so cute!

  2. That's a gorgeous little fox there and congrats on your etsy sale, I know it's pretty exciting :)
    I'm your swap partner. Though a rather tardy one! I need your address so I can send your parcel post haste (with apologies). I thought for some reason I could be organised enough to get it sent before my market this past weekend, but I was dreaming lol.
    helen at rooney dot net dot au

  3. Your fox is great, I might give one a go :-)