Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A needle felting project to be hopefully

This is Albert my 18 year old Galah or Rosie breasted cockatoo as the Americans like to call them haha. He's a character and one day I'd like to be good enough to needle felt him or perhaps have someone needle felt him for me. Like a pet portrait type thing I see on Etsy. We adopted him just before Christmas last year from a friend who runs a parrot rescue shelter. He says good boy, Bert, puss puss, Ziggy and hello, his original owners must have had a cat hence why he says puss puss. He'll also purr like a cat so I think he's got a cat complex. They also had a dog called Ziggy and whenever we leave the house he'll call out excitedly ZIGGY ZIGGY ZIGGY.

He loves a chin and head scratch as you can see, he's the most friendly bird I've ever met, he's never bitten and loves attention. He follows me around the house, waddling its the cutest thing ever.

As you can see I'm in my favorite armchair and my felting goods are beside me on a table haha. That's how I work watching tv usually with the felting foam on my lap. I'm also in love with my vintage curtains that I found at an op shop recently. I love vintage finds.

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