Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gina and duckbat

This is Gina, she's a doll I created last night, she's made from corriedale and merino mixed wool. She is jointed by needle felting so no thread joining. She wears a belt of blue wool in a shade similar to her arms and legs. I love how her face came out. I've always struggled with doing cute faces but I think I've got it with Gina.

This is a character my other half did lol he's somewhat getting into needle felting himself when he's bored of other things. He says he's retired of needle felting but I wonder if he's secretly hooked haha he wouldn't admit it of course, this creature is crossed between a duck and a bat, he has an egg tooth, and I love his wings

we're still trying to think of what to call him.

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