Tuesday, December 28, 2010

to a new home

Why am I showing you something that is not felted? lol well its all to do with felting stuff in the end I assure you! this cabinet is being offered on the yahoo freecycle group for free as its no longer needed in our house. It takes up too much room and so it makes more room for felting goodness! I'm going to set up a proper area with a table and chair so I can have things around me. I'll post photos of it when I do that too! lol So bye bye cabinet hello new space. It's amazing what clearing out a corner will do! This cabinet has seen better days, needs to be re glued and varnished but when done up I can guarantee would look stunning. I believe it is vintage. But my mother passed down her hoarding gene to me (yes hoarding I believe can be genetic lol) and so this will be passed on as I am running out of room for anything else! I'm trying to declutter my life. One room at a time. It will happen and then I don't have to feel guilty when I do crafts, needle felting and other things like being on the internet like I am now!

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