Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ice skating penguin!

This snow scene I've done for a website I'm on, their hosting a Christmas Crafts contests similar to the Halloween one I entered and won in! I won a virtual prize to the site so I'm very happy. The theme for Christmas was snow or ice so I made the ice by freezing it and using food color to add to it. I used pollyfiber fill for the snow and needle felted the penguin and the snow bunny.

This is a little story of an ice skating penguin, he wanted to ice skate
so he found a frozen pond. He was tentative at first but he gained confidence
because his friend Snow bunny was watching him. He skated out onto the frozen
pond and looked over at Snow bunny. Snow Bunny wanted to go home soon however
as he could tell a blizzard was brewing. Penguin skated a couple of rounds
around the pond and he was glad that he had been brave enough to do it. Penguin looked
up at the sky and knew it was time to go home. Penguin thanked his friend the Snow bunny and they went home.


  1. Adorable! The scene is perfect!

  2. Very cute! Love his hat and scarf. Good luck in the competition. :)