Thursday, January 13, 2011

An awards challenge

This award was kind of given lol because I'm being followed by a lovely lady but anyways I need to say 8 things you don't know about me which should be quite easy! lol

1: I have social anxiety, I developed it last year after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I'm getting a lot better but I still like being only in very small groups or of people that I know very well. For long periods of time anyways.

2: I'm scared of hail... we had a hail storm a good few months back, wrote off my sisters car. Broke windows and did damage to neighbors properties. Luckily our place was fine. Just really hate hail, I hate the noise, the suddenness of it.

3: I hate waking up, once I'm awake I'm fine its just that in between groggy stage that I hate. It usually takes two cups of strong coffee to get me up in the morning!

4: my house is a mess lol I love clutter but right now its a bit beyond clutter! but we manage ha. As long as no one says I'm a lazy pig and just says oh its just cozy and pokey I'm fine with that ^^

5: My social life revolves going to doctors >> sad but true and for nothing serious either really in the scheme of things just things to help keep the motor going. I'm 26 mind you but my body thinks its 106. I've just been referred to the lympodema clinic too for my feet ha

6: I sometimes live in my own fantasy world! no really just this afternoon my other half said to me grow up because I was giggling like a child over something I thought about without sharing ^_^ its how I have fun when I'm bored lol

7: I despise dieting, I'm chubby, I live with it, I'm not going to become skinny but I do want to be healthy. But I just have no will power what so ever, I put on weight just sniffing food. Christmas was a killer! lol

8: hmm lucky last I have a terrible memory and if my head wasn't screwed on properly I'd lose it. Lol I end up having to buy at least double of things all the time.


  1. Fab list...I tried growing up once but didn't like it so not going there again :-)
    Keep moving forward in life one step at a needs only be little steps but make them possitive ones :-)
    A x

  2. Some of these things sound really familiar. :)

    I too have social problems and spend most of my life in the house and not seeing many people, which is very depressing and so this year I hope to move into my own place so I will be forced to start meeting new people and have new expiriences... it'll be tough, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it.

    I also live in my own fantasy world most of the time!

    Clutter... oh yes. I have lots of that too. My main problem is I like to keep things as I always think to myself "Well, I'll probably have a use for it later." But then I forget I have it and buy another and things just pile up.

    I wish I was just chubby. :D I'm much much worse than that, another thing I hope to change this year, but yeah, diets are not for me either. :P

    My memory is really bad too. I forget things all the time and people think I'm simply not paying attention well enough! I thought about keeping a diary... but I'd probably forget to write in it. LOL.

    The only things I disagree with are the fear of hail (we don't get all that much here and it's usually not big enough to hurt anything/anyone) and the coffee... coffee gives me migraines, or makes me incredibly hyper for about 10 minutes and then I get a migraine, either way, it's best avoided for me. :P

    This was really interesting. Thanks for sharing! Lets make this a good year. :)