Friday, January 7, 2011

Niles the greyhound finger puppet

I've been a busy bee
oh I'm totally stressing over this as I had a message over at etsy for my first sale!
a customer wanted a custom finger puppet of their dog, Niles, a greyhound who had
sadly passed away. I said I felt confident enough to try it for the customer but said it would
be whimsy, cartoonish but I'd still get the looks enough alike. I hope they will be happy!

my other half has been teasing me something senseless saying it looks more like a wolf! I told
him to go jump in a lake as he doesn't know how to wet felt or needle felt lol. I love that a custom has
been my first actual sale. My very first sale was through a friend so it doesn't really count haha

So customs are nerve wracking, I'm yet to message the customer with these photos to find out
their opinions. I used shetland wool roving as well as merino wool roving, and I wet felted the base
around my finger and then when it was dried I needle felted the head and features.

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