Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Flowers and more

This is my latest fun needle felted creation! I was bored today because it was hot and we're into a few days of having hot weather here. But I've called this my Happy needle felted Flower. Happy because of its color! and the fact that it
can actually bend and move because of the pipecleaners in it. Even its leaves can bend and move. So this is the Happy needle felted flower!

Last but not least is a little guide on making a cute little peg deer! yes a bit late after Christmas
but such is life!

What you'll need
three wooden pegs
scrap red felt
scrap ribbon in festive color
red small pompom
wool roving or polly fiberfill
craft glue
small googly eyes

Take the two pegs and glue them side by side so that the ends of the pegs
are pointing downwards to look like feet. Glue together by putting a dollop of glue
in between each peg, hold together for a while so it feels like its set. Take the third peg and do the same though have the peg facing the other way so the "ends" can look like ears.

Create his face by gluing on the red pompom, and googly eyes, take a pinch of pollyfiber fill or wool roving and roll it into a fluffy ball and glue it into his rear end for his tail.

Cut out the felt into a semi circle so it resembles a saddle and glue it onto the middle of his back. Take the ribbon and cut it to desired length, and glue each ends under the felt saddle to hide the
snipped ends.

dab glue lightly onto the saddle and sprinkle glitter for sparkle!

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