Friday, January 7, 2011

Jimmy the naughty Quaker parrot

This is Jimmy my male green Quaker parrot, he's a brat when he's around me felting but normally he's on his stand next to me but sometimes he likes to have a closer look! here he is almost getting to one of my felties I'm making.

Here he is looking around as if wanting more felties to hurt!

This is Jimmy with his innocent expression, he's all what? I can't help but look and interrupt you when your not spending time with me!

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  1. How I LOVE the pics of your Quaker. I had one for many years in Arizona and I adored him, I got him as a little baby. I had captured a wild one flying around chasing a red tailed hawk and traded that for my baby... Cha Cha. Many years later we moved to California who outlaws them (ridiculous) so I had to smuggle him across the border. Several years later I lost him and I still miss him so very much even though I have a Goffin's cockatoo, cockatiel, love birds, finches, etc. He was such a loving little clown! Thanks so much for sharing these on the feltingforum!!