Monday, January 3, 2011

Life around us

This little guy is baby Ele! elephants never forget supposedly but he's still very cute!

This is a flower that grows in our garden, my other half transplanted it about a month ago from his parents and its done so much better. It used to live in shade and a damp area but now it lives in full sun and is very happy! when it was at his parents it never flowered. And you can see it grow almost on a daily change. I believe its common name is Red hot poker, not sure of its Latin name but even if its a general plant or weed its still pretty to me!

This is Bert, he's our galah (Rosie breasted cockatoo) and he's a 20 year old boy
and is my baby. We recently put him out in the outdoor cage we've got and he's much happier. Even though the cage doesn't look like much he has plenty of branches to chew on and toys to keep him entertained.

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