Monday, January 3, 2011

my work space

As promised I here show you my needle felting workspace! I did some housework
whilst the boys were out. Today was a long day because we first had to pick up a
huge aviary and that took about six hours getting it onto the trailer all in one bit.
And then there was the anxious drive home praying it wouldn't fall off the trailer and causing accidents or worse! we got home in one bit thank goodness. But then the boys went back because we were offered a smaller aviary and another one on top of that! people can be so kind, apart from crafts birds are my other halfs and mines dream, we have a couple of parrots and various smaller birds but he wants to get into raising birds as well as starting a bird club if all goes to plan.

But I digress... I hate the green curtains hanging up we moved in 19 or so months ago
now and still haven't done anything with them! I will have to either make some or buy some whatever comes first. But this is my workspace for needle felting that is when I'm not needle felting at the computer which I sometimes do. The computer is in our bedroom, as is my sewing desk.

As you can see it isn't as arty or as flash as I would like but it is nice having things around mewhen I need it. I also had to cover up my favorite arm chair because it is old and cracked ^^ but it is still comfy and usable. You can see some of my collection of books! apart from wool I also have a bad case of buying books addiction haha. But my other half banned me from buying clothes so I have to buy something! and then beside the chair is my wool, at the moments in bags but I will get nice storage boxes for them eventually.

So that's what my needle felting area looks like with that cabinet moved from its place. I also promise to show you the aviaries when my other half finishes setting them up this month.

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