Monday, August 1, 2011

Latest happenings

Well congrats to my first ever blog give away radishandruth! I'll be emailing her to get her address and the next time I'm at the post office which will be Friday I'll send her gift then. I'll do the drawing of the needle felted toy before then so you can all see what she gets. So exciting!

And very exciting day today we have a new member to our household, in the form of a feline! we decided we needed a mouser, and adopted one from a couple we know. He is HUGE! he was a stray and he's about 5 years old. His name is Wildie. Meet Wildie everyone. At the moment he's in a cat run until he settles in and knows this is his new home so he looks funny behind bars like that.
He's such a vocal boy too, here he is talking to me as I take his picture, he's very friendly

Hopefully in the next few days we can let him roam. He'll come in of a night, hopefully then I'll get beter pics of our monster feline friend. We were told he's a very good mouesr. He rather likes getting rid of rats, this is good! having aviaries mice and rats are a common problem.

Here is my latest needle felted friend, a needle felted bunny, he's beige/tawny in color.

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  1. I love cats, but when I was younger we had 2 that were both killed by cars and it's put me off ever getting another one. One of them was out chasing rabbits at night when he was hit. :( I still miss him now.

    I like your bunny too!