Sunday, August 21, 2011

needle felted fox and gesso project

This weekend hasn't been all that productive however we've been looking after things on the home front. Catching up with laundry, seeing friends, looking after the animals and birds and so on and so forth. But I did make this little guy! Rusty the hug fox I call him.

The stand he's on I brought from an op shop (thrift store) for 20c! can you believe it? yes its tiny and I have no idea what its actual purpose is but I thought it looked better in white. Here is the before pic

a couple coats of gesso and here it is in all its white glory

Rusty the hug fox is the first critter to actually use it! he was rather excited I think. What do you like best the dark version or white version?

hope you all had a great weekend, today is lovely weather here and the boys are hopefully putting up more walls to the shed around the aviary. I'll be going grocery shopping and running errands.

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