Monday, August 15, 2011

needle felted cute owl

well this little creation literally came out of nowhere! he just happened by himself lol I'm on a bit of an embroidery learning curve at the moment. I wet felted his green collar and hat. Sewn his cloak and he is crafted over craft wire so he can be gently posed. Available on my etsy store.

This week has been odd weather wise sunny one moment rainy the next. I think I've given my left ankle a stress fracture. I feel it crunch when I walk on it in the wrong position like if I am standing forward more, may need a visit to the doc if the pain doesn't ease in the next couple of days already had it for about four days I believe. Other than that I'm planting some nasturtions tomorrow. I love how colorful those flowers are. My other halfs brother also brought us a pomegranit (spelling???) plant so that when it fruits we can give the fruit to our parrots. We also have a mini lemon tree to plan so we're becoming more green thumbed around here! hope you all have had a great weekend.

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