Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two weeks we've had Wildy

Remember Wildy the mouser cat we adopted recently? well its been nearly two weeks and he's still settling in. We let him in of a night and he is in a cat run during the day. Here he is snuggled up with my other half

Things we have since worked out about Wildy
he has a white spot on his belly see that white fluff? its the only white spot on him
he grins or has a toothy happy look about him in the first photo
he doesn't like to be held unless he wants to be
he's sookie meaning he'll want you one minute and want to be alone the next
he's scared of sirens
he loves roaminng under our watchful eye
he loves fresh fussy cats mince as a treat
he doesn't like being put in the run but its for his own good
he has claimed my comfy chair

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