Friday, August 5, 2011

needle felted Angel

well that's the end of that nice weather for a week or so it looks like, we've got storms forcasted for tonight. Perfect crafting weather! well this is my latest seems I'm back on the doll wagon. This time a cute needle felted Angel. I really love her colors. Her hair is basically been made by the pompom process around your fingers and trimming it. Sweat Pea Angel I've called her.

Puss is settling in well, he's annoyed he can't stay indoors all the time in this weather but my other half wont allow it. So he's outside in the cat run. I bought him toys and blankets yesterday I had an urge to spoil him.

Some excitement today whilst cleaning the aviary my other half swollowed a bug! I asked him how big it was after he recovered from spluttering and he said "dunno big enough to tickle my throat" well he's all big and manly now isn't he and can't make any fuss of it, if it had of been me I'd have been screaming blue murder I hate bugs haha

1 comment:

  1. Your needle felting is fabulous! (I had a little mosey around). And how therapeutic is it? Unless of course you accidentally stab yourself in the thigh (ahem).