Sunday, December 18, 2011

our cat was almost kidnapped

I'm shocked and saddened tonight when we got home from shopping aboug 8:00pm this evening my cat Wildy was on the nature strip as he normally is looking out at things and people as he usually likes to do. Well we were unlocking the house and putting shopping in. All of a sudden a car stops outside the hedge and lady says oh hello there. I assumed she was talking to a friend.

Then after a pause she says do you want to come home with me? we worked out she had patted Wildy. She tried picking him up to put him in her car. Luckily he's weary of strangers generally and kicked up a fuss and I heard him yowl, ran out and the driver said there's someone there and thank goodness because he's safe inside with us tonight.
I just can't believe someone would steal my cat! he's my baby I'm soooooo attatched to him. If he were human he'd be my best friend. He is my best friend just of the feline variety.

So tomorrow we're taking him down to the vet and getting him a microchip scan and if he doesn't have one we'll get one done after that we're getting him registered with our local council. Really should have done this sooner but this has been a real wake up call.

Who would take a cat just right off the street like that? my only guess is that he does have a personality people can see that when they see him. He's like a dog almost. Not that he would ever admit that of coursse.

He wont be happy with his vet visit we call vets Aunty/Uncle so and so lol makes it easier on them as they know the V word.

I'm just upset by the thought of someone just impulsively taking my cat, I was in tears earlier. Tonight he'll be in the cat run to make sure he stays safe. I'm just glad he's still with us.

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  1. I can't believe that! But it did happen to me once. We had a cat that looked like a Russian Blue & several times I had people pick her up to take her away, but she was one bad a$$ cat & didn't like other people so she scratched them & ran off.