Thursday, December 15, 2011

needle felted wolf

Today am showing my latest a little wolf cub! he's rather cute I think love the different grays.

I can never remember if grey is like that or gray lol
either way. I'm organizing my things for a special outing tomorrow am being picked up by the lovely Caroline and we're going to Ixchel's bunny fibre farm for a craft catchup. This is rather a big step for me a: I'm not good in cars with people I know I've only chatted briefly to Caroline lol on the internet on Ravelry.

B: I don't drive because of anxiety so this is rather a big thing so I'm organizing what I can now just to have things sorted and planned. I'm telling myself not to stress too much. I think Carolines car is called the Tardis lol

So I'm looking forward to meeting the lovely ladies who also like fibre, its for spinning, knitting, crochet and needle felting this group oh and wet felting I think too as Charly wet felts.

I'm the lone needle felter at the moment but hope to start a trend its been hot today and will he tomorrow. Wearing a lovely skirt and batwinged styled tshirt tomorrow gotta look trendy haha at the moment making some cute needle felted accessories

1 comment:

  1. Your wolf is very cute, I like the colouring on his face and head. :)

    I am sure you will really enjoy your day out and remember that the anxiety will pass and sometimes the little bit of stress is worth it in the end. It kinds like a fun day, will you be showing us photos afterwards? :)

    Have a lovely time!