Wednesday, December 21, 2011

needle felted playful puppy

This is my latest little playful puppy, needle felted over craft wire, his legs can pose gently. He's about two or so inches long not very big. I love his coloring, I blended a light caramel and a beige together. He looks rather happy I think. He's not breed specific and I had fun making him.

Today we're selling some lovebirds that my other half bred so that' nice to do a turn around. We're not in it for the money obviously but it all helps to make seed money, as long as its paying for itself its a good hobby. Hard work though... especially in Summer. We're going to be having three days of 30 something degree temperature so yes Christmas day I'll be wearing a skirt haha. I'm not a fan of summer, I feel like I'm melting on the inside.

But today I'm also doing the Christmas shopping I was supposed to be doing yesterday but my other half's brother came over instead to work on the bases for the aviery we're currently building.

Why do things take a lot longer than what we had in mind? lol

I'm also going to the post office have three things to pick up I'm hoping one of them will be the give away I'd won recently, my needle felting swap gift and some things I've bought from ebay.

Anyways until next time be good until Santa arrives.

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