Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bunnies everywhere

These are some pics of three out of four bunnies that I have lol the fourth resides at my other halfs parents as its attatched to my other halfs brother. I also have one guinea pig named Oinkey.

Oinkey is very good friends with bunny SpotSpot

Snowy is SpotSpots mother and she's a Chinchilla patterned giant cross she's our biggest of our four rabbits and she's a nut, she's scary will bite, growl, lunge and grunt. I've got a few scars from her. But I've learned to tolerate her as its not her fault.

Indy is special he's my first ever bunny and was our gift to one another when we celebrated our first month of going out todegether lol we're now nearly six years together.

needless to say we don't celebrate everything like that anymore but Indy is our special boy. He loves to be petted but not held. I love his smokey ears.

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