Sunday, November 18, 2012

baby guinea pig

Meet Smokey she's a two week old baby guinea pig we adopted today when old enough will go with our lovely male Dingo.
she's very snuggly and has the cutest grey shading over her back will take pics after she's settled in. Met a really nice bloke today as we brought a pair of bush budgies from him. He keeps antelope!! I was shocked you have to have a zoo liscense for those animals, so cool though will take pics next week as we're picking up a hen galah for our Bert so exciting. Happy Sunday
feeding time found out she had been taken too soon from mum
another pic to show off her unusual markings and colorings


  1. She is a DOLL!! Will she be okay taken from her mom too soon? If anybody can take care of her, it would be you and Ash :) Keep us up in photos -- she is precious!

  2. I've been reading up on it, she'll be fine as long as we keep her weight ok. She's not skinny that's for sure!!

  3. Jess, she is so so cute, and so tiny. We know if anyone can take of something so young it is you. She looks great! Beautful color and markings. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. She is so pretty and cute! I do love her unusual coloring. I think it makes her extra special.

  5. Oh my Jess! What a little doll baby! I LOVE baby piggies! I cannot begin to count how many we have had over the ears, but they are the sweetest little things. Yes - 2 weeks is too young! I'm sure you will take great care of her though. I just hope she is not really a HE! I have made that mistake before when they are that little! IN fact - that is why daughter ended up with 4 instead of two - my fault!