Thursday, November 15, 2012

New family member Dingo the guinea pig

After the heartbreak of this year and last year losing our bunnies and guinea pigs we've found a lovely male piggie, he was free to good home in a pet shop because he fights with other piggies. He's a lovely boy approx six months old, I just love his color and he has a war wound as he has a chewed ear. We have named him Dingo.
isn't he a lovely oolor? we think he's a rex cross self beige but unsure will have to look it up, I'm after a lovely girlfriend for him now (wish I'd cleaned out the snail shell before taking that photo haha) will add some grass for him so he's more comfortable. Budgie egg update there are now four eggs! Happy Friday


  1. He is SO PRETTY! I am so excited for you :) I wish I could rub his litte nose lol I am also happy to hear about the budgie eggs :) Have fun with Dingo!

  2. I love his coloring! So wonderful you gave him a good home. Can't believe 4 eggs from your budgie! I bet the momma is so proud :)

  3. Hello DIngo! You are such a handsome little fellow! Tooey and Thea are glad you found such a great mom! We think you look like Thea - a teddy bear breed, but whatever you are, we love your color!

  4. Hi Dingo. Youare such a cutie. Such a pretty color.
    Welcome to a very great home. We hope to see more pictures of you again.