Wednesday, November 28, 2012

baby budgies and plumhead parrots

This little squirt of a bird is a not even a day old Budgie! he hatched on day 18 and I checked on them 7am this morning and its now just after 9am so he's only a few hours old. Will have to look after them today as its going to be really warm!! 38degrees c. These lovely parrots are our new plum head parrots, I can't wait for them to breed, I want to hand rear the young, they make awesome pets!
the one on the left is the male and the plainer one is the hen off to have an ecg and cholesterol test and my other half has his last dentist appointment today Happy Thursday


  1. This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while! I cannot believe the size of that baby :) And those parrots are beautiful! What a lot of fun this is and you are teaching us so much. I LOVE this post!

  2. This is SO much fun to read about your daily delights as a bird owner! I know so little about birds that this is like Bird Care 101 for me! What a precious fragile thing that hatchling is. And those parrots! Just a gorgeous pair!

  3. Wow - I've never seen a bird only a few hours old! Thank you for posting all this. I love hearing all about them.