Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fibre addiction GreenwoodFibreworks

Picture is owned and taken by GreenwoodFibreworks.

Can anyone say fibre addict? haha that is infact me I love looking at pretty colorways and beautifully photographed wool rovings I find myself looking at them when I'm feeling down and uninspired and it cheers me up very nicely. I don't know what it is about fibre like that but I love it. I've been eyeing off these sample boxes for awhile too from GreenwoodFiberworks on Etsy.

paper roses

These are some colorways I've suggested as in her listing she said she can accomodate but the rest will be a surprise. Even though I already have bag fulls of wool rovings I'm sucked into the colors, textures and can only imagine how'd they feel in real life. When I feel that way about wool looking online I purchase said wool as I did here.

For $25 USD plus postage I find this great value.
Lots of Colors to play with.

Happy Sunday.

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