Monday, January 16, 2012

Wildy in the wars

Poor Wildy is in the wars, with himself mind you. He has an allergy to either possibly fleas or something he eats. We're unsure. But tonight we had to intervene I applied bettadine antiseptic spray onto the wound, and then the elastaplast mind you it was off within five minutes. That's not the wound weeping its the antiseptic solution.

as you can see poor Wildy is not impressed and is curled up im his cat chair, that's the tattered old chair stuck in the corner.

Tomorrow we're going to the vets to get him fitted for a collar that will be interesting. He's not impressed with his mummy at the moment that's for sure!I'm in his bad books.

I'll give his wound another spray with the antiseptic and we'll see what the vet says of course animals always do what they shouldn't like scratch at things until they are ten times worse! my heart goes out to the little bugger because he's bonded with me so and at the moment he's not even talking to me. I'll have to get a treat for him after the vets.

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