Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I'm wanting to raise some awareness about depression. I suffer depression and have done for several years now and have only got to where I am with my support network of doctors, family and my other half. Not only that but my craft hobbies and animals.

I had a disturbing phone call from a friend of ours this morning, he'd been drinking and was quite broken hearted about being fired from a new job. He's been ill for quite some time with an undiagnosed illness. But work kept him going and he's never been fired in his life before.

I'd like to see more people being tolerant and understanding to those suffering depression. I think we can help others just by being there for people we love and by being a good friend. My other half and I are visiting this person with pizza and will hopefully make him feel a bit more normal and cheered up as we talk about birds, life and whatever.

I think we're forgetting that others are out there, we're more in it for ourselves, and communication has gone downhill. I think technology has played a part in this such as the internet and mobile phones. If we feel disjointed from the world I believe this could be one reason.

I think we should try to outreach to someone we don't normally talk to, I've been giving friendly waves to an eldery neighbor and she looked a cranky old thing for a couple of days and I saw the first glimmer of a smile yesterday.

This guy is one of the smartest guys I know, he's always loved animals worked in the pet and zoo industry for years.

So remember if you think someone is even the tiniest bit down just give them a call to brighten up their day. Even if its not life changing there will have been some difference made by you

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