Sunday, January 8, 2012

needle felted owl

My latest is Henry the needle felted hooty owl pal, he's rather colorful, I don't usually use purple. But I rather like these shades. His oranges pops. About two inches tall. He sits lovely in the palm of your hand. He's availble on Etsy. I'm starting to think of things for Valentines day as its the next event coming up I believe.

Today we had an adventure and adopted a budgie named Rodger I think its such a funny name for a budgie. He's a pet, he doesn't talk but he mimics sounds really well. He's sky blue in color. We have him in an aviary with a couple of other birds settling in I'll take some piccies tomorrow. We also adopted another cockateil to add to the mix, he's not a pet but an actual aviary bred bird. Lovely lutino in color.

It seems my other half has a soft spot for cockatiels. We now have 9 I believe. Tomorrow I'm off to the doctors, stupid womens issues again had terrible pain last night hardly slept. On the plus side I'm at the shops will go to the op shops and craft stores.

Hope all had a good weekend.

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