Thursday, March 1, 2012

5th sale on Etsy and the craft show begins

exciting news I woke up this morning to find this little guy will be going to his new owner in the Unted states, my 5th sale on Etsy. It got me thinking I really need to find a nice box where I can store my felties safey so I'm not stressed as to where they are. With a house prone to clutter its very easily done however this little guy had been one of my personal favorites so he lived on my desk all safe and snug.

My other half wants me to make another now this one is going to his new home.

I entered my felties in the craft show last night luckily I was reading the details in the pdf form I recieved from the organizer as it was last night that I had to enter them and not today as I first thought! so we rushed down as it was 6pm and I had until 8pm to enter them by phew. They will be judged today and tomorrow is open to the public as is Sunday. Hopefully I'll convince my other half to take me to see the fireworks display Saturday night.

Happy Friday

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