Friday, March 9, 2012

needlefelted cat

I finished this little needlefelted black kitty today am rather pleased with how it turned out.

Nothing really exciting planned for our long weekend just working on aviaries and catching up with family, lately I've been finding it really hard getting inspiration with needlefelting took a few days break which is not usually like me done me the world of good though.

Sounds funny saying break like its work. It is and it isn't I guess. I'm also shopping around for some items for a swap I'm involved in LissyLou is holding a shabby chic vintage crafty swap and Rae is my swap partner you might have seen her in a few comments lately so I've been scouring her blog seeing what she likes.

I hope to go to the opships Tuesday and will send things off soon.
I'm also in a needlebook swap hosted by gosh I'll have to search her blog and name I've had a mental blank terrible me.

Wildy is doing much better, he is in my bad books at the moment, he took off as I let him out of the cat run for a bit, went down the road three houses away and jumped the fence into a yard I couldn't get into. I knocked on the neighbors door explaining I'm trying to get to my cat got the directions, and tripped over and fell right on my butt kinda landing somehow on my knee in the process. Horribly embarrassing.

Nothing too bad injury wise it will be sore tomorrow though.
So Wildy was held by the male neighbor whilst I got around to that block and took hi back home. Not the way to meet the neighbors. He might think his leg is healed but it isn't just yet. He's hobbling on it not as bad though. He already has a dicky back leg from an old injury before our time with him. So it was rather funny seeing him hobble on his front leg and his dicky back leg somewhat kicking out as its rather stiff in movement when he runs. Doesn't stop him though. So he had me conned for attention this last week!

Happy Friday

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