Saturday, March 10, 2012

needle felted bull terrier

Hello all how are we? I'm quite well just motivating myself to go and catch up a pair of our conure parrots. This is my latest needle felted bull terrier pup my other half fell in love with it as he adores bull terriers so hes keeping this one and I've listed a custom order on etsy if anyone is interested.

A friend of ours has two bull terriers I might do one as a gift for him he adores bullies. He also has two pugs lol.

Wildy and I are on the mends together after our mishaps on Friday. My knee wasn't the sore part I thought it was going to be after falling but my left thigh is really sore but the bruising hasn't started yet.

Lomg weekemd this weekend for us, in Australia its Labor day tomorrow. I'm ordering more wool on Tuesday haha will make a post about that later.

Happy Sunday

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  1. Jess, this is such a cute pup ! You are so talented . I can see why you and yours are in love with bull terriers !Carole