Thursday, March 15, 2012

needlefelted puppies and needlefelted kangaroo

I've been a busy little bee whilst resting I went to the doctors and have an ultrasound appointment booked for two weeks time, two weeks! gah that's the public hospital system for you though. In the meantime I have to take these hormone based pills that are meant to ease the so called monthly friend.

The last two days I had terrible stomache and leg pains to the point I actually thought I was having a miscarriage. I've had one in the past so I knew what it felt like. My doctor assured me it wasn't that and even made me take a pregnancy test which came back negative. So I'm still hoping its not something drastic like an eptopic pregnancy or anything like that which runs in my family. Yesterday my legs were that bad I could hardly stand for any length of time. I wont go on about it too much however don't want to do the whole tmi! haha have been drinking lots of hot cups of tea however which is lovely.

So this is what I've been doing to keep me somewhat amused

I've dubbed thee Kangamum joey is firmly attatched, I really like how she came out.

These three puppies are so cute a welsh terrier, labrador and shitzu puppy

Hope your Thursday has been a better one than mine! oh and to boot we woke up this morning to find our car had been broken into (again! it happened five months prior) my other half left his wallet in the car (again) as he'd forgotten about it and they stole all his id, cards and $100 grrrr

but dealt with that today, made police report and we're finally installing some security gates for our driveway we'll see how that goes
Happy Thursday

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  1. Jess: They are all so cute ! I love Kangamum ; she came out really nice. Hope you're feeling better and get some good results from the doctor. Carole