Monday, March 5, 2012

Love and Peas and craft results

The lovely Jenny from Love and Peas held a blog give away recently and whilst I didn't win the major prize she chose a couple of extra lucky people to recieve some lovely gifts, I was included. She sent a really adorable heart textile brooch, a printed notebook, a postcard and three lindt chocolate bunnies. One was given to my other half and I ate/scoffed one and am debating whether or not to have the other now or save it till after dinner tonight. As you can see I'm having it with tea in my favorite mug. The prize/gift was well wrapped but I'm impatient and didn't take a pic of that haha who wants to see wrapping?

On Sunday I went and picked up the entries to the craft show. I did really well. I came first in the handade teddy bear section as well as second.
These two guys are showing off their ribbons.

do excuse the pic it was taken on our bed !!
The other entries all did well I came second, third and fourth plus won an encouragement award for the handmade toys section.

Yesterday was spent looking after Wildy he's in the wars again with a sprained leg, he even got to ride with us in the car to coles as I had to get some groceries, he's like a dog just sits calmly looking at the cars going by, its rather weird seeing a cat do that. We think he got trapped amongst our pile of bird nesting boxes, its not broken he can put weight onto it, and move it. Just looks painful and the swelling is finally going down as he spent the night in the cat run which he loathes. Yesterday though he was lapping up all the kitty attention I was giving him he was even allowed inside during the day which is never allowed! my other half must be feeling sorry for him which he never shows to a mere cat. Hes a dog person.

I had a restful day yesterday though and didn't do any crafting but am getting into it with new ideas.

Thank you so much Jenny for your lovely gifts these will be treasured.


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  1. Yay - congratulations you clever thing!!!

    And sorry to hear about poor Wildy, he sounds like my cat when I was growing up - he loved riding in the car too, it is pretty unusual for a cat!