Thursday, March 22, 2012

bears in love needle felted

Been a busy week this week
had to make two little bears as thank you gifts and here they are mother and baby bear

I actually sewed something yesterday! bubby likes to actually lay down as conures do and I made her a snuggle hut, it is a bit rough however she's loving it. My sewing skills are nothing to look at rofl

and last but not least a cute little white doggie I needle felted

Happy Friday


  1. Your bears are so cute

    And I adore bubby, I just fell in love with her and her snuggle house is fabulous

  2. Bubby is so cute. Love his little face looking right at you. Love the hut and how much he seems to love it.
    That teddy bear is precious.

  3. Very cute bird hut. What a pretty bird, too.