Saturday, March 31, 2012

White rabbit needlefelted

Just in time for Easter
White rabbit
five way thread jointed and needlefeted out of goat wool I washed and carded

my other half brought me a new to us camera from ebay for my belated anniversary gift
so see any difference in photo quality? I hope so!

Tomorrow Im at the op shop again
Happy Sunday

Monday, March 26, 2012

Miniature donkey needlefelted

Hello all had a great day today this morning I volunteered at my local op shop we call charity shops op shops over here. I did four hours and will do most Mondays there. I also get discounts and lots of coffee and chatting. I brought a great sheet set for our bed after its washed and dried will take pics, two pairs of shoes, and toys for the birds.

This is my latest though needlefelted donkey I have named him Silver

I'm making chicken surprise tonight for my dinner its a surprise cause its a mix between a cassarole, soup and or stew. Tomorrow I'm picking up some wool from the post office and doctors appointment. I'll also be sending a couple of swap gifts off
that I'm enjoying creating and choosing for.
Happy Monday

Thursday, March 22, 2012

bears in love needle felted

Been a busy week this week
had to make two little bears as thank you gifts and here they are mother and baby bear

I actually sewed something yesterday! bubby likes to actually lay down as conures do and I made her a snuggle hut, it is a bit rough however she's loving it. My sewing skills are nothing to look at rofl

and last but not least a cute little white doggie I needle felted

Happy Friday

Thursday, March 15, 2012

needlefelted puppies and needlefelted kangaroo

I've been a busy little bee whilst resting I went to the doctors and have an ultrasound appointment booked for two weeks time, two weeks! gah that's the public hospital system for you though. In the meantime I have to take these hormone based pills that are meant to ease the so called monthly friend.

The last two days I had terrible stomache and leg pains to the point I actually thought I was having a miscarriage. I've had one in the past so I knew what it felt like. My doctor assured me it wasn't that and even made me take a pregnancy test which came back negative. So I'm still hoping its not something drastic like an eptopic pregnancy or anything like that which runs in my family. Yesterday my legs were that bad I could hardly stand for any length of time. I wont go on about it too much however don't want to do the whole tmi! haha have been drinking lots of hot cups of tea however which is lovely.

So this is what I've been doing to keep me somewhat amused

I've dubbed thee Kangamum joey is firmly attatched, I really like how she came out.

These three puppies are so cute a welsh terrier, labrador and shitzu puppy

Hope your Thursday has been a better one than mine! oh and to boot we woke up this morning to find our car had been broken into (again! it happened five months prior) my other half left his wallet in the car (again) as he'd forgotten about it and they stole all his id, cards and $100 grrrr

but dealt with that today, made police report and we're finally installing some security gates for our driveway we'll see how that goes
Happy Thursday

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

needlefelted bird and cat

These are two of my latest needlefelted critters, a cute little birdie ornament ready to hang. Could also be made into a magnet or brooch quite easily.

Scrags the cat is a funny thing.
I made these two yesterday been feeling awful have my monthly "friend" visitng at the moment last night I was in agony. Really sore tummy and legs. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow might have to have an ultrasound. So I've been resting, good excuse to needle felt, least my sense of humor is still around as shows with these two critters.

Seems I've made a new friend on Etsy a fab artist she does amazing cat drawings and paintings.

Have a look
Lady bug art studio

Happy Wednesday

Saturday, March 10, 2012

needle felted bull terrier

Hello all how are we? I'm quite well just motivating myself to go and catch up a pair of our conure parrots. This is my latest needle felted bull terrier pup my other half fell in love with it as he adores bull terriers so hes keeping this one and I've listed a custom order on etsy if anyone is interested.

A friend of ours has two bull terriers I might do one as a gift for him he adores bullies. He also has two pugs lol.

Wildy and I are on the mends together after our mishaps on Friday. My knee wasn't the sore part I thought it was going to be after falling but my left thigh is really sore but the bruising hasn't started yet.

Lomg weekemd this weekend for us, in Australia its Labor day tomorrow. I'm ordering more wool on Tuesday haha will make a post about that later.

Happy Sunday

Friday, March 9, 2012

needlefelted cat

I finished this little needlefelted black kitty today am rather pleased with how it turned out.

Nothing really exciting planned for our long weekend just working on aviaries and catching up with family, lately I've been finding it really hard getting inspiration with needlefelting took a few days break which is not usually like me done me the world of good though.

Sounds funny saying break like its work. It is and it isn't I guess. I'm also shopping around for some items for a swap I'm involved in LissyLou is holding a shabby chic vintage crafty swap and Rae is my swap partner you might have seen her in a few comments lately so I've been scouring her blog seeing what she likes.

I hope to go to the opships Tuesday and will send things off soon.
I'm also in a needlebook swap hosted by gosh I'll have to search her blog and name I've had a mental blank terrible me.

Wildy is doing much better, he is in my bad books at the moment, he took off as I let him out of the cat run for a bit, went down the road three houses away and jumped the fence into a yard I couldn't get into. I knocked on the neighbors door explaining I'm trying to get to my cat got the directions, and tripped over and fell right on my butt kinda landing somehow on my knee in the process. Horribly embarrassing.

Nothing too bad injury wise it will be sore tomorrow though.
So Wildy was held by the male neighbor whilst I got around to that block and took hi back home. Not the way to meet the neighbors. He might think his leg is healed but it isn't just yet. He's hobbling on it not as bad though. He already has a dicky back leg from an old injury before our time with him. So it was rather funny seeing him hobble on his front leg and his dicky back leg somewhat kicking out as its rather stiff in movement when he runs. Doesn't stop him though. So he had me conned for attention this last week!

Happy Friday

Monday, March 5, 2012

Love and Peas and craft results

The lovely Jenny from Love and Peas held a blog give away recently and whilst I didn't win the major prize she chose a couple of extra lucky people to recieve some lovely gifts, I was included. She sent a really adorable heart textile brooch, a printed notebook, a postcard and three lindt chocolate bunnies. One was given to my other half and I ate/scoffed one and am debating whether or not to have the other now or save it till after dinner tonight. As you can see I'm having it with tea in my favorite mug. The prize/gift was well wrapped but I'm impatient and didn't take a pic of that haha who wants to see wrapping?

On Sunday I went and picked up the entries to the craft show. I did really well. I came first in the handade teddy bear section as well as second.
These two guys are showing off their ribbons.

do excuse the pic it was taken on our bed !!
The other entries all did well I came second, third and fourth plus won an encouragement award for the handmade toys section.

Yesterday was spent looking after Wildy he's in the wars again with a sprained leg, he even got to ride with us in the car to coles as I had to get some groceries, he's like a dog just sits calmly looking at the cars going by, its rather weird seeing a cat do that. We think he got trapped amongst our pile of bird nesting boxes, its not broken he can put weight onto it, and move it. Just looks painful and the swelling is finally going down as he spent the night in the cat run which he loathes. Yesterday though he was lapping up all the kitty attention I was giving him he was even allowed inside during the day which is never allowed! my other half must be feeling sorry for him which he never shows to a mere cat. Hes a dog person.

I had a restful day yesterday though and didn't do any crafting but am getting into it with new ideas.

Thank you so much Jenny for your lovely gifts these will be treasured.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crochet design week

I'm joining in on this over at Stacey Trocks blog she knits and crochet's and teaches on Craftsy. So for a week of creating, designing and learning it should be a fun motivator. I have bought books, patterns and so on but just cant seem to get started maybe this will be the kick up the proverbial that I need!! who will join me?

Bear creek felting give away I'm entering this fab
blog give away right here by bear creek felting for a chance to win a rabbit online needle felting class.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

5th sale on Etsy and the craft show begins

exciting news I woke up this morning to find this little guy will be going to his new owner in the Unted states, my 5th sale on Etsy. It got me thinking I really need to find a nice box where I can store my felties safey so I'm not stressed as to where they are. With a house prone to clutter its very easily done however this little guy had been one of my personal favorites so he lived on my desk all safe and snug.

My other half wants me to make another now this one is going to his new home.

I entered my felties in the craft show last night luckily I was reading the details in the pdf form I recieved from the organizer as it was last night that I had to enter them and not today as I first thought! so we rushed down as it was 6pm and I had until 8pm to enter them by phew. They will be judged today and tomorrow is open to the public as is Sunday. Hopefully I'll convince my other half to take me to see the fireworks display Saturday night.

Happy Friday