Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cat and Doll is where I got this idea for the little girl I've created recently. She is made from wensledale locks and merino mixed wools. The cat was also an inspiration from wool pets I love that simple style. I wont be posting much unless I make something other this week just because I'm preparing to get my wisdom teeth taken out on Saturday. So tomorrow I'm going to the doctors cause I'm asking for a sedative as its a local and I'm scared out of my willies about the whole thing as I thought I'd be asleep throughout it. Last week I had a clean and de scale done and I was crying through that and it wasn't the pain as there was none its just I'm really phobic about the dentist. So you can imagine how I'll be on the actual procedure day! not looking forward to it at all. I'll be fine after I can cope with pain as I've got a high tolerance to it but just the thought of their hands in my mouth and all the tools scares me.


  1. You will be fine! I woke up with random toothache this morning, so I will be off to the dentist soon probably! I'm not too bothered about the dentist, but it's the cost! I have teeth problems because I can't afford it!
    Just lie there and think up some new designs if you can! I'm sure everything will be fine for you!
    Who invented wisdom teeth?!!

    I love your little doll!

  2. Your cat and doll are way too cute. I'm partial to dolls though. You'll be okay at the dentist. Think creatively. Think how things will be better after it's done.